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I hereby authorize the above business/bank/company/individual to do business with Safety Wear House

Terms for all purchases shall be NET 30. All purchases that are made from Safety Wear House shall be interpreted under Alabama law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Alabama courts. I hereby agree to make payments on my account within the established terms of the account, should I default in payment on my account, at any of the three locations of Safety Wear House, I agree to pay and all services charges and/or legal fees associated in collection of my account in the jurisdiction of the Alabama courts at the Safety Wear House location in Mobile, AL. In the event I reach my credit limit during my terms, I agree to make a payment in the full amount owed before being able to purchase on the account. In the event the company listed on this application files for bankruptcy, the owner of the company will personally guaranty he will pay for any invoices, services charges and/or legal fees.

The above information is herewith submitted for the purpose of opening an account and I do hereby certify this information to be true.

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